IPL hair removal

150 lei


IPL  hair removal has as its main purpose the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

IPL works on the basis of intense pulsed light. The light used is a white one, composed of several colors, and this is perceived by the human eye.

Why intense? Well, light pulses have a very strong energy. Pulsed because the treatment itself focuses on a constant emission of pulses. Based on these 3 factors, according to the personalized number of sessions for each, you can see the desired results.

The principle of this treatment is based on the precise aiming of the hair, without damaging the epidermis. Thus, the hair overheats, conducting heat to the follicle and destroying germ cells, which play a role in hair growth. Subsequently, the follicle in question can no longer produce hair, the tissue being gradually replaced by a dysfunctional one.

Depending on the number of sessions you need to do and the number of areas you want to get smooth skin at any time of the day you can opt for customized packages especially for your wishes.

IPL hair removal
1 session
6 sessions
upper lip
30 EUR 
162 EUR 
55 EUR 
297 EUR 
65 EUR 
351 EUR
115 EUR
621 EUR
180 EUR
972 EUR
115 EUR
621 EUR
205 EUR
1.107 EUR
lower back
120 EUR
648 EUR
30 EUR
162 EUR
half leg lower
155 EUR
837 EUR
full legs
260 EUR
1.404 EUR
half leg upper
205 EUR 1107 EUR
chest men
205 EUR 1107 EUR
abdomen 115 EUR 621 EUR
abdomen ½ 55 EUR 297 EUR
forehead 30 EUR 162 EUR
buttocks 115 EUR 621 EUR
sideburns 30 EUR 162 EUR
shoulders 115 EUR 621 EUR
face 80 EUR 432 EUR
neck 80 EUR 432 EUR
white line 40 EUR 216 EUR
knees 55 EUR 297 EUR
peri anal 35 EUR 189 EUR
cheekbones 30 EUR 162 EUR
fingers/toes 30 EUR 162 EUR


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