It’s said that we can tell a lot about a person by simply looking at their hands. Unfortunately, few of us can find the time to regularly address unruly cuticles and hangnails, or to keep our hands properly moisturised. Additionally, many of us struggle with the habit of nail biting.

Thankfully, a spa manicure can improve hands and nails which are in less than perfect condition, as well as enhancing those which are already well maintained. A manicure is also ideal for ensuring your hands look their best for special occasions, such as a wedding or holiday. 

professional beauty treatments

Taking care of yourself is one of the ingredients for living in a more harmonious way with our body and with the environment around us. Among the various options for treating yourself to a pampering of well-being, how can we not consider the treatments carried out in the salon of a professional beautician ?

It is important to take a break and take care of yourself, despite often feeling that you don’t have the time to. With a busy schedule it can be hard, especially when you find yourself constantly being your own last priority.

Every person should invest in themselves, and doing it in a place away from home and the stresses of everyday life allows them the time to pause and take a break whilst in the care of qualified professionals.

Taking a little time out to focus on yourself is the key to maximised productivity both in your work and personal life.

Body Shaping

It is the only mechanical stimulation technique for 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive skin that naturally activates cellular metabolism, working simultaneously to reduce the layer of fat and to treat relaxed skin, while fully respecting the ecology of the skin and body.

The new ALLIANCE LPG endermology technology is 3 times more efficient than the previous one, with improved results and visible after only 3 sessions, respecting 100% the skin. LPG specialists explained and demonstrated the spectacular action of the new LPG technology, which helps to eliminate up to 5.2 centimeters from the waist, reduces cellulite by up to 67% and offers 71% more firmness to the skin. The visible results can be seen from the third session.

A synergy of patented technologies - motorized roller and motorized flap, along with a synchronized sequential aspiration, offers a new and automatic tissue mobilization: * Eliminates localized fat; * Produces natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid * Skin becomes firmer and looks of orange peel diminished

For the first time, two technologies have been combined for unprecedented results and a global effect on physical appearance through simultaneous weight loss and anti-aging treatments.


Permanent hair removal

Permanent pulsed light hair removal (IPL) has as its main purpose the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

IPL works on the basis of intense pulsed light. The light used is a white one, composed of several colors, and this is perceived by the human eye.

Why intense? Well, light pulses have a very strong energy. Pulsed because the treatment itself focuses on a constant emission of pulses. Based on these 3 factors, according to the personalized number of sessions for each, you can see the desired results.

The principle of this treatment is based on the precise aiming of the hair, without damaging the epidermis. Thus, the hair overheats, conducting heat to the follicle and destroying germ cells, which play a role in hair growth. Subsequently, the follicle in question can no longer produce hair, the tissue being gradually replaced by a dysfunctional one.

Depending on the number of sessions you need to do and the number of areas you want to get smooth skin at any time of the day, you can opt for customized packages especially for your wishes