FasciQ Massage

150 lei

The fascia is the biological tissue that holds us together. It is a thin, hard, elastic type of connective tissue found between layers of muscle fibers, between muscles, around the organs and connected in a network throughout the body.

Many people keep stress in their muscles, causing them to contract or inhibit their muscles. It is believed that the fascia can create tight or tight knots that act as trigger points, constrict the muscles and decrease blood supply, causing pain and decreased range of motion.

Movement and massage therapy play an important role in keeping the connective tissue hydrated and mobile. When we are in similar positions for extended periods of time, such as sitting and working at a desk or computer, our bodies adjust to support these positions, and the fascia becomes tight if we do not perform compensatory movements or therapies.

Fascial release therapy:

• breaks down the adhesions between the tissues, softens and aligns them

• relaxes muscles

• allows easier and more efficient movement

• reduces pain

• improves posture

• relieves areas of muscle tension

• improves flexibility

1 hour

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